Calling All Analog Photography Fans

5 continents, over 50 countries, and almost 800 submissions came together to form Chemistry of Feeling, the largest community exhibition to take place at photography hub Gulf Photo Plus. Showcasing 100 photographs by nearly 80 photographers from around the world, the exhibition draws on the delicate connections between a tumultuous past year for human relationships and photography, locating moments of slowness, introspection, and today's folding priorities – all captured in film format, of course.

But why analog? Well, for starters, it's a relic of a more certain past. We're also increasingly fascinated with its tangibility as a medium, according to GPP team. “Between its careful pace and unpredictability, film format creates room for connections between photographers and their craft, as well as the communities they create with,” they say. “With everything at a precarious standstill, the world – no longer anchored to the cog-and-wheel 24-hour cycle of work and commercial imperative – observed moments of quiet solitude interspersed with eruptions of global upheaval, whether mediated through screens, or experienced within the proximity of one’s own neighbourhood.” What results are visuals that are slow in pace and highly contemplative in spirit. The exhibition will run until 21 September.

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