#IveBeenInDubaiSince: Residents tweet Dubai memories

The question ‘How long have you been in Dubai’ is one of the icebreaker questions we often hear in social circles here. The question crops up in about the same frequency as the ‘Where are you from’ query - another staple of Dubai’s conversation culture.

But let’s focus on the first one. Depends on who you ask, someone could be in town for months; some years. There are also the folk that have been born here. The common thread that connects all of them is that they all carry different memories of Dubai.

And just in time for Throwback Thursday, the #IveBeenInDubaiSince hashtag has been trending on Twitter, hitting long-time residents with the nostalgia bug and giving fresh-off-the-plane folk a peek into what Dubai once was.

Remember these gems from way back when?

What about you? What do you remember about Dubai? How long have you been in town? Join in on the nostalgia trip using the hashtag #IveBeenInDubaiSince