This Gratitude Journal Hits the Halfway Mark

Comparison culture is real, and the impact of social media on our self-esteem can be downright detrimental. Enter: entrepreneur Paul Evans, who started a 90-day gratitude journal on Instagram back in June. “Rarely do we take the time to notice just how amazing everything we already have is,” he explained, citing the pandemic as the reason behind his gratitude journal. “We’ve all been hit pretty hard by the last few months, but thanks to the amazing people, companies, and partners we stand shoulder to shoulder with, we are still here, stronger than ever.”

Today marks Day 45 – the halfway point – and the CEO of Solutions Leisure Group (running the likes of STK and Asia Asia) has spent the last few weeks expressing gratitude for everyone from his best friend and mother to the unsung heroes at his company. And there have been some unexpected posts along the way, too. Day 12, for example, saw him reveal that he's grateful for his dyslexia, saying that it equipped him with the drive and determination to “overcome anything”.

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