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We have teamed up with Freestyle Divers down in Dibba to educate, care and protect our marine life and corals for years to come!

We are looking for schools to join up and help us protect the UAE corals reefs. 

Coral reefs are in decline around the world. Many scientists now believe the very existence of coral reefs may be in jeopardy unless we intensify our efforts to protect them. So let's do work together to bring about change here in the UAE! 

Every school registered will be invited to our webinar hosted by top marine biologist from Freestyle Divers educating us on the importance of the oceans, the threats currently posed to them and how you can be a part of the change.

The Webinar will cover-

- The importance of the oceans and the threats currently posed to them:

- What can we do to look after the oceans and counter the threats?

Underwater Garden Competition

We also want your schools to design an artificial coral reef, that could be made and placed in the Indian ocean off the Dibba coast line which will become home to millions of corals.

The winning design will win your class, a Marine experience at Dibba rock where you will work with marine biologists testing the ocean and learn about the earths most precious resource.

The experience includes:

- A marine science workshop in the conference room at the Radisson Blu Hotel, consisting of a kid friendly 'Ocean Explorer' marine conservation course (With certification).

-Trips to the shore front to collect samples to look at under microscopes.

-A snorkel trip to Dibba rock with life jackets before you picnic back at the hotel.

-Sand castle building competition with the top three winners being transformed into concrete artificial reefs after the event.

-Tile painting - which will be added to the painted tiles onto the larger artificial reef.

Sign your school up now below!

We will reach you here, so please provide an active email.


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