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What is your favorite thing about working in radio? I love it when you get a good caller on the show and they tell you something you didn’t expect. The one that springs to mind is a lady who had a rodent run up her trouser leg during a meeting so she just sat on it and suffocated it. Didn’t see that one coming.

Best thing about living in Dubai? Everything is so convenient, I’ve never known a place where everything is delivered to your door. The problem is fighting the laziness.

Which Celebrity Chef Would You Most Like To Make You Dinner? Heston Blumenthal. Honestly I doubt I would like most of it but you would get an amazing show while he makes it.

Favourite TV show to binge watch? The Walking Dead. I watched it disgustingly quickly, I don’t even want to know how fast.

Who Would You Most Like To Sit Next To On A 10-Hour Flight And Why? Ryan Reynolds. Asking me why is completely unnecessary.

Brunch or beach? Beach. I love brunch but I’m not to be trusted in the face of a buffet so it’s got to be chilling on the beach, nothing like it. Not that you can tell, I’m ridiculously pale for someone that lives in Dubai.

Netflix or Cinema? Netflix most of the time, I love getting into a good series and I’m an expert at binge watching especially after 2020. Cinema is for the big action and scary movies.

Pizza or Burgers? Pizza for me, so much you can do with it and I actually make a decent one myself thanks to Joe Wicks.

Staycation or vacation? Staycation, we are already in a holiday destination so you can have a little holiday more often.

Any secret talents? Literally not even one, nothing. Unless you ask my mum, she still maintains I’m tall.

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