RTA records 56 offences during Dubai school bus inspections


Inspections are being stepped up in Dubai to ensure school buses are complying with general safety regulations as well as the precautionary measures related to COVID-19.

Fifty-six violations have been spotted during the Roads and Transport Authority's (RTA) latest campaign which covered buses in 111 schools across the emirate.

Most of the offences were related to non-compliance with the technical and safety specifications; failure to display the stop sign while picking-up or dropping-off students; and not displaying the permit in the designated place.

Officials said as many as 1,011 inspections were conducted during the campaign, which focussed on 111 schools out of a total of 240 as several schools have adopted an online learning policy, while others have staggered bus arrival timings due to COVID-19 challenges.

These inspections will continue throughout the academic year.

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