Dubai 92’s Secret Sound


We're giving listeners the chance to 'live big with Dubai 92'

Listen out for the secret sound at 7.30 am during The Big Breakfast with Jono & Nats every day this week.

One lucky listener who correctly guesses the sound will walk away with the prize!


1 Night Stay in the Junior Suite for 2 adults at Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown with breakfast included.




  1. Bathroom Stall Door Shutting (Nats)
  2. A Ball Bouncing (Donald)
  3. Slamming A Filing Cabinet Drawer (Nats)
  4. Turning On Or Off The Lights In A Bathroom (Job)
  5. Slapping Down A Hole Puncher (Nats)
  6. Hitting A Big Drum (Adit)
  7. Using A Stapler (Nats)
  8. Press The Metal Lever In A Sink To Release The Plug Hole (Renee)
  9. Slamming A Cupboard Door (Nats)
  10. Punching a Punching Bag (Emmerson)
  11. Rolling On A Office Chair Over A Bump (Nats)
  12. Tapping Your Car Key On A Pipe (Gillian)
  13. Hammering In A Nail (Nats)
  14. A Judge Banging A Gavel (Sasha)
  15. Blinds Springing Back Up (Nats)
  16. Weights Dropping On Each Other At The Gym (Lisa)
  17. Hammering A Piece of Steak (Nats)
  18. A Pendulum of a Grandfather Clock (Neve)
  19. Closing The Lid On The Toilet (Nats)
  20. A Basket Ball Bouncing (Pamala)
  21. Slamming The Washing Machine Door Shut (Nats)
  22. A Knife Hitting A Chopping Board (Claire)
  23. Squash Ball Hitting A Wall (Nats)
  24. Opening A Emergency Exit Door (Diana)
  25. Slamming Your Car Bonnet (Nats)
  26. A Judge Banging A Gavel (Gina) 
  27. A Magnetic Door Shutting (Chris) - WINNER!



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