The Secret Sound

We're giving you the chance to live big with amazing prizes every morning!

Listen out for the secret sound at 8:10 am during The Big Breakfast with Jono & Nats every morning.

One lucky listener who correctly guesses the sound will walk away with the prize!


Two-night stay for two in a Sea View Pool Villa Half Board Basis at the Alila Hinu Bay in Oman


  1. Replacing the lid on a metal water bottle (Nats)
  2. Opening a can of soda (Jonathan)
  3. Opening/Closing a glass jar (Nats)
  4. Locking & Unlocking a Car (Ashish)
  5. Old metal ashtray (Nats)
  6. Turning up the car on and then off without starting the engine (Hazem)
  7. Closing the lid on an old-school kettle (Nats)
  8. Opening the ring pull on a can of beans or corn (Catarina)
  9. Putting the car ashtray back to its slot (Nats)
  10. Buckling and unbuckling a seatbelt in a car (Ron)
  11. Closing the lid on a french press (Nats)
  12. A car Indicator (Stroud)
  13. Placing the gas stove Hobbs back onto a gas stove (Nats)
  14. Opening and closing the fuel cap on a car (Feba)
  15. Opening/closing a tin (Nats)
  16. Pressing the unlock button on an old car remote control (Steven)
  17. Screwing the stove top onto the bottom of a coffee pot (Nats)
  18. A clip-on aluminum water bottle (David)
  19. Putting the microwave tray back into the microwave (Nats)
  20. The cuckoo going in/out of an old coco-clock (Vincent)
  21. Stacking dishes (Nats)
  22. Turning on/off a light switch (Michelle)
  23. Removing/replacing the tray inside an air fryer (Nats)
  24. Newton's Cradle (Royston)
  25. Opening/Closing a Zippo lighter (Nats)
  26. Charger going back into a car's lighter port (Nats)
  27. Outdoor exercise machines (Johnathan)
  28. Stacking mugs or putting them on a mug tree (Nats)
  29. Company stamp (Jade)
  30. Reattaching cup tray on coffee machine (Nats)
  31. Airlock on a thermos flask (Ice)
  32. Cup resting back on a plate (Nats)
  33. Opening and closing an egg box in a fridge (Michelle)
  34. Closing a glass butter dish (Nats)
  35. A click and a half from a clock (Shane)
  36. Locking the lid on the pressure cooker (Nats)
  37. Putting the pot back into an espresso machine (Leyla)
  38. Putting something in a metal bin in a building (Nats)
  39. The indicator on a car (Vincent)
  40. Placing a glass on a dish rack (Nats)
  41. Opening the Lid of a glass jam jar (Ashleigh)
  42. Triangle thing on the gas stove (Nats)
  43. Cup/bottle dropping on a hard surface (Patrick)
  44. Opening a tin of new tennis balls (Nats)
  45. Old-school ashtray (Amin)
  46. Inserting/removing a phone charger from a car's lighter port (Nats)
  47. Opening a can with a traditional can opener (Greens)
  48. Putting a lid on a ceramic tea mug (Nats)
  49. hole punch (Adam)
  50. Stacking dishes in a cupboard (Joey)
  51. Opening the lid of a mint tin using your thumb (Emma)
  52. Flexing/bending a key card (Joey)
  53. Chess Set Clock (Genevieve)
  54. Opening/closing Tupperware (Nats)
  55. Putting a battery in an old clock (Kaylin)
  56. Closing a mint tin (Nats)
  57. Putting ice cubes in a glass (Emer)
  58. Opening/closing a glass jar with cotton buds in it (Nats)
  59. Replacing the ceramic food trays in a parrot cage (Nats)
  60. The Clicking of a Master 3D Slide Reader (Bahaa)
  61. Placing a CD into the Discman (Nats)
  62. Airlock on a thermos flask (Nicolas)


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