Dubai 92’s Secret Sound


We're giving listeners the chance to 'live big with Dubai 92'

Listen out for the secret sound at 7.30am during The Big Breakfast with Jono & Nats everyday this week.

One lucky listener who correctly guesses the sound will walk away with the prize!


In 2020, we gave away lunches, dinners, brunches, helicopter rides, daycations, staycations and vacations!

The prize pack gets bigger the longer the secret sound remains un-guessed.

You could win

- 500aed to spend at QWERTY at Media One Hotel.

- 1-night weekend stay for 2 inclusive of breakfast @ Media One Hotel



  1. Jono squirting cream on his pancakes
  2. A stapler
  3. A 3D pin art sculpture toy
  4. An Etch-A-Sketch
  5. Coffee grinder
  6. Dropping a necklace on a surface
  7. Opening a plastic box of eggs
  8. Lighting a gas stove
  9. Shooting a paintball gun
  10. A bag of marbles
  11. Air nail gun
  12. Striking a big match
  13. The power cable of a vacuum cleaner coiling back in
  14. Scooping the laundry detergent with the scooper
  15. A garden sprinkler as you turn on the water
  16. Cracking an egg
  17. Scooping coffee beans
  18. Peeling the foil off a jar of coffee
  19. Squirting hair mousse
  20. Spaghetti being tapped on a table
  21. Pushing a button on an electric panel in a substation
  22. A maraca
  23. Pulling a ring pull to open a can
  24. Shaking a box of nails'
  25. Squeezing the last bit of ketchup out of the bottle
  26. Spraying WD-40 through the red straw
  27. Television static
  28. Mosquito Zapper
  29. Popping open a Pringles tube
  30. Shaking a box of Tic Tacs
  31. A water jet tooth pick
  32. Automatic hand sanitizer dispenser
  33. Lighting a Zippo lighter
  34. Drawing a tick on a chalkboard
  35. Squirting shaving gel into your hand
  36. Automatic room freshener squirting
  37. Pumping moisturizer onto your hand
  38. Squirting the last bit of shampoo out of the bottle
  39. An egg cracking 
  40. A grass cutter
  41. Loading a Nerf gun
  42. A camera shutter
  43. Popping a pill from the packet
  44. Dropping dry spaghetti into a pot or pan
  45. A sliding door closing
  46. Opening a soda can
  47. A document being stamped

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