Dubai 92’s Secret Sound

Every weekday Jono and Nats on the Big Breakfast, and George on Live at Drive are giving you the chance to live big in the world’s best city.
By correctly guessing the secret sound you’ll get your hands on a set of exclusive Dubai experiences.  

AND! every week that the sound is not guessed we add more to the ‘live big bounty'.

the prizes!

  • Heli Dubai 'Vision Tour' for 22 minutes for 2 people
  • All-inclusive, overnight Friday to Saturday stay for 2 at Media 1 Hotel with brunch, dinner, Saturday breakfast and drinks.  (2pm Friday to 12 midday Saturday)



Masking tape

Duct tape being pulled off a desk

Jeans ripping

Lint roller

A Rubik's Cube being turned really fast


Packaging tape

Ice scraper machine


Ripping Cloth


Pens or pencils moving in a pencil case

Ducks and Geese

Ripping gift wrapping

Bending a balloon

Pulling palm leaves off a palm tree

Biting an apple

Blood pressure cuff being removed

Husking Corn


Cling film being pulled off the roll

A packet being cut open

Crushing a water bottle

Paper being cut with scissors

Balloon being twisted

Salt Grinder

Crisp Packet

Animal (herbivore) chewing

Packaging tape roller device

Ripping lettuce

Wheelie bag over a tiled floor

Ice tray being emptied

Tearing corrugated cardboard

Scotch tape

Aluminium foil being ripped


Plastic cupping crushed

Brown packing tape sealing a box

Crushing snow

A Tennis ball launcher

Walking in the snow

A manual vegetable shredder

Flicking a pack of cards

Sipping a the last drops of drink
through a straw

Automatic hand sanitizer dispenser

A zip opening or closing

Walking on ice

Rubbing your hands along a balloon

Unwrapping a babybel cheese

Fanning the pages of a book really quickly

Pulling the seal off a large plastic milk bottle

An umbrella blowing in the wind

Scraping the ice build up in a freezer

Using a pencil sharpener

Tearing the edges off invoice paper

Moving a chewing gum tub in your hand

Opening a pill bottle safety cap

Phone butt dialing

Electric Kettle being placed on its base

Dice being rattled in a tumbler

Pulling a hand towel from a dispenser
in a public bathroom

Scrunching tin foil up into a ball

Biting toast

Taking the protective screen off a phone

Ripping the cardboard strip off a
washing powder box

Toast popping up in a toaster

Spreading butter on toast