Dubai 92 Breakfast with George & Kitch

The new Dubai 92 Breakfast show is the UAE’s only truly family focused breakfast show. George & Kitch are real people with real stories, personal observations and tips for getting the most out of living in the world’s best city. They’re about ‘home’ not Hollywood.

Meet George

Meet George…she’s the Brit with the deep voice and a man’s name. Always trying to strike a balance between healthy living and fun, she is self deprecating with a dry sense of humour.

Meet Kitch

He’s an Aussie with an incredible amount of random knowledge, a fanatical love of sport and a massive head. He’s a night owl (odd choice of job) who’s always got a joke ready and some Australian phrase that baffles George.


Both bring years of on air experience from around the world to the new show. They poke fun at each other in the way mates do and love seeing the world in a different light. They’re equals who sometimes bring entirely different things to the show and sometimes finish each other’s sentences.

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