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Abu Dhabi is world's least traffic-congested capital

Abu Dhabi has been ranked as the world's least congested capital city according to the TomTom Traffic Index for 2021.

One of Dubai's oldest 'not for profit' schools gets privatised

Parents at Jebel Ali School, which was established in 1977, were informed on Friday that the school has been sold to the Taleem Group, an education provider in the UAE.

Zoom users warned of security flaw

The UAE's telecoms regulator has warned users of a security flaw in the video-conferencing platform, Zoom.

Abu Dhabi gears up for single-use plastic bag ban

Plans are well underway in Abu Dhabi to ban single-use plastic bags from June 1.

Why expats must use certified movers to avoid delays & drama

Expats in the UAE are being reminded to use only certified movers while planning their relocation after a former resident took to social media to flag a company for stalling the shipment of her belongings.

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