Global Village VIP Packs set for general sale


Global Village has announced that its Season 27 VIP Packs will officially go on sale on Saturday, September 24 (starting 10:00 am).

Available exclusively online through the Virgin Megastore Tickets website, each pack gives access to a host of benefits and experiences, containing everything that guests need to enjoy the park all season long.

Last Saturday, a limited number of VIP Packs were made available for reservation and were sold out in under 90 minutes.

Those who have pre-booked will have an advanced window to purchase their packs, starting from 10:00 am on Friday, September 23, until the general sale starts 24 hours later.

To ensure more guests are able to purchase the packs, individuals over 18 with a valid Emirates ID will be limited to four VIP packs per person.

Diamond VIP Packs will be available for AED 6,000 with benefits worth over AED 28,000 and Platinum Packs can be purchased for AED 2,500 with benefits worth almost AED 15,000.

The Gold Packs cost AED 1,950 with benefits valued at AED 13,000 and Silver Packs are priced at AED 1,600 for benefits worth 10,000 AED.

To celebrate Season 27 a Golden Coin will be hidden inside one VIP Pack, with the lucky recipient winning a cash prize of AED 27,000.

Global Village, which re-opens on October 25, will make further announcements about its line-up in the coming weeks.

Season 27 VIP Pack highlights:

  • VIP entry tickets
  • VIP parking privileges
  • VIP Wonder Passes giving access to attractions including Ripley’s Believe it or Not!®, Aqua Action stunt show and Carnaval® funfair
  • Limited edition perfumed candle created from Global Village’s new signature scent called ‘Wonders’.
  • Complimentary or discounted access to a range of premium Global Village experiences 
  • Special offers and privileges to additional attractions across Dubai
  • Vouchers for table reservations at Majlis of the World 
  • Diamond Pack holders receive vouchers for in-park taxi transportation, car wash and porter services

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