K-Pop supergroup BTS' Jung Kook to begin military service in December


Jung Kook, a member of K-Pop supergroup BTS, said on Wednesday he would begin military service in December, after the group's management agency said that all seven BTS members were on track to carry out their service.

BTS is on temporary break as a group with three of its seven members currently doing South Korea's mandatory military service.

On Wednesday, BTS's management agency said the remaining four - RM, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook - have begun the process of military enlistment.

"This coming December... I'm leaving you for a short while to serve in the military," Jung Kook said in a separate message to fans on Wednesday.

"After I return, I promise that I will be where I always am, on stage - having grown."

With this, all seven members are expected to complete their service by mid-2025, analysts said.

Hybe, parent of BTS' management agency, benefits by BTS members' staggering enlistments and solo activities, allowing members who have served earlier to be active while others are away.

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