Watch: Behind the scenes of Etihad's mid-air orchestra


Etihad Airways has released a video showcasing all the action behind-the-scenes of its electrifying stunt in celebration of its collaboration with Paramount Pictures.

The stunt was released to celebrate the worldwide launch of Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One.

Etihad put together a skydiving orchestra to play the instantly recognisable Mission: Impossible theme song while falling 13,000 feet at 120 mph (193 kph) through the air.

How the mission was completed

To pull it off, Etihad Airways, together with their advertising agency Impact BBDO, had to do the impossible - to find talented musicians who are also skilled skydivers.

The stunt took weeks of preparation. Each skydiver was given their part of music to practise and learn by heart, which they needed to be able to play perfectly despite the wild environment while skydiving.

In addition, custom rigging was made for each instrument to ensure the skydivers could safely play and pull their parachute when the time came.

A professional skydiving cinematographer jumped with them each time to capture it all, including group shots where each instrument affected the rate at which they fell. Throughout the process, safety was always the number one priority.

The hours of practice and preparation paid off. Etihad was able to create an impossible orchestra of their own and highlight to the world that it is an airline that pushes boundaries and makes it their mission to deliver incredible experiences and hospitality.

Key parts of the movie Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One were filmed at Abu Dhabi International Airport’s Midfield Terminal, with one of the most thrilling and technically complex action scenes taking place on the building’s 315-metre roof.


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