Burj Khalifa Fireworks

For the first time ever, Dubai 92 will synchronize with the world’s most iconic fireworks!

Wherever you are in Dubai this New Year, if you can see Burj Khalifa, turn up Dubai 92 and hear the incredible music to the firework show!

Now, you can get the full atmosphere, anywhere! On an FM radio, Dubai 92 will be in sync to the Burj Khalifa New Year Fireworks – listen as we play nothing but party anthems all day long in the lead-up to midnight!

Dubai92 is the official radio station of Emaar New Years' Eve 2023 at the Burj Khalifa!

Your Travel Guide

A comprehensive traffic management plan has been set out ahead of New Year’s Eve celebrations in Downtown Dubai.

  • Enjoy live entertainment across multiple screens located throughout Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid boulevard.
  • On Saturday, road closures around the Burj Khalifa area are expected from 4PM onwards. Public transportation will still be in operation. 
  • The Burj Khalifa metro station will be closed from 10PM on New Year’s Eve, until 5AM the following morning.
  • Shuttle buses will be available and clearly signed paths directing guests to the nearest available station.