2022 has been a huge year for Dubai 92, help us make 2023 even bigger by picking the music on our playlist!

    We want to make sure that Dubai 92 is always playing your favourite music to make you feel great! Help us improve the music we play by taking our music survey now and we'll enter you to win a one of a kind prize.

    You will win the only Dubai 92 2023 Green Pass that will give you access to ever single Dubai 92 event for the next 12 months!

    You will get access to every concert, every festival, every sporting event and every comedy show that Dubai 92 are part of in 2023. That means passes to see Jimmy Carr, Kevin Bridges, Sting and Imagine Dragons in January alone!

    This prize is worth over AED25,000 and we only have one Dubai 92 Green Pass to give away so take our music survey now for your chance to win it!


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The Prize

  • Win access to every single Dubai 92 event in 2023. If Dubai 92 is there, you will be too!

    We are making a one-of-a-kind Dubai 92 2023 Green Pass which will score you passes to all of the hottest events for 12 months. Get access to Jimmy Carr, Kevin Bridges, Sting and Imagine Dragons in January alone.

    Plus, there are still SO MANY shows, festivals and events still to be announced - this is a prize that everyone will want to have.

How to win

  • Just take our music survey.

    Help us improve our playlist for 2023 and for each music survey you take, you'll get an entry in the draw to win this incredible prize.

    Listen to the clip of a song, tell us whether you like the song and how much you like it - you'll help us build the ultimate Feel Great radio station for the New Year so you can listen all day.


Take our music survey to win

Terms and Conditions

  1. Dubai 92 Green Pass is valid for a couple
  2. Dubai 92 Green Pass is valid from the date it is awarded until 31st Dec 2023
  3. Dubai 92 Green Pass is valid for all events where Dubai 92 is the lead official radio partner
  4. Dubai 92 Green Pass is valid for events in the UAE only
  5. Dubai 92 Green Pass will exclude commercial activations, physical prizes & food & beverage vouchers
  6. As the physical Green Pass may not be accepted by external vendors, the winner of the Dubai 92 Green Pass will be sent individual tickets to each event to grant them access. 
  7. Dubai 92 Green pass holder to abide by the rules and regulations of the associated event including age restrictions
  8. Dubai 92’s decision on awarding Green Pass is final including the access to the events during the associated year i.e 2023
  9. Dubai 92 reserves the right to grant access to on-going events in the year 2023
  10. Usual Terms & Conditions apply